1. Is OCUflash blue a natural product?

OCUflash blue contains natural extract of a plant called Eyebright, as well as saline, which is naturally found in our eyes. But not all ingredients are from natural origin. OCUflash blue is a sterile solution with different compounds, and therefore safe to use even at newborns.

2. From what age can childern use OCUflash?

Both OCUflash and OCUflash blue can be used by children, even newborns, but since it doesn’t contain any preservatives, we recommend OCUflash blue, which can be used from the first day of birth.

3. Can OCUflash be used at both eyes at the same time?

Yes, OCUflash can be used in both eyes at the same time.

4. How long can OCUflash be used after opening?

OCUflash can be used 28 days after first opening, and OCUflash Blue can be used up to 3 months after first opening. Every box of OCUflash has a blank space to write the day of opening, so you can keep better track of how long the product lasts.

5. Does OCUflash need to be rinsed after application?

No, OCUflash is an isotonic, sterile solution which does not need to be rinsed after application. 

6. Is OCUflash blue suitable for person who wear contacts?

Yes, since it doesn’t contain preservatives, OCUflash Blue is suitable to be used with contact lenses.

OCUflash, on the other hand is not suitable to be used with contacts, especially not soft and hydrophilic. We also recommend not to use it with hard contact lenses, or at least wait 20 minutes to put them on after application of OCUflash.

7. Can OCUflash be used with other eye drops I’m using?

Yes, OCUflash can be used with other eye drops. It can be a good additional therapy to antibiotic treatment of eye inflammation. It is only necessary to wait for at least 5 minutes between 2 administrations of eye drops.

8. Can OCUflash be used as eye drops for stye?

Stye is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the eyelids, which manifests as acute inflammation with redness and swelling of an eyelid, and with purulent contents within the sebaceous glans. OCUflash can be used for rinsing and also for eye compress, and it will mitigate the symptoms, due to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of a plant called Eyebright which is the main ingredient of OCUflash.

9. Can I rinse my eyes with chamomille tea when I have stye?

Although chamomile has certain anti-inflammatory properties, and is often used in folk medicine, it’s not recommended to rinse eyes with “home-made” preparations like chamomile tea, since these preparations aren’t sterile. It would be much better to rise eyes with eye drops like OCUflash, which is sterile, isotonic solution with Eyebright – a plant which has similar properties to chamomile.

10. Can OCUflash help me with my seasonal allergy conjunctivitis?

In some occasions OCUflash can calm the symptoms of seasonal allergy conjunctivitis (redness, tear running), with the help of a plant Eyebright, which has antihistaminic properties.

11. Can OCUflash be used as eye drops for dogs?

Yes, OCUflash can be used as eye drops for dogs, for calming the irritation in dog eyes, or for flushing the eyes, or for removing foreign bodies from eyes. 

12. How often can OCUflash be used?

OCUflash eye drops can be used up to 4 times a day, or even often if necessary. For calming of irritated eyes, use 1-2 drops, and for rinsing the eyes the product in amount that is necessary to rinse out the foreign body.